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In The Name Of God

Speech of Meterling

Can you remember that ; in your life hood how much you suffered from your character  and what you call SELF all of your hard times , sufferings , wrongs and misfortunes in your life is up to this item SELF.

Speech of Gandi

The way for imporving knowledge and intelligence is fulling the mind with good decisions ,also we should endeavor for good deeds.

Speech of Florans Scavelshin

Following to Jesus statements ,Resist against wicked ; Florance Scavel Shin says ; Do not beat with devils and defeat them in a good way.



Speech of Aflaton

If one bears trouble in doing benevolent task the trouble would be forgotten while the benevolent task remain and if one enjoys doing an evil act, that joy will vanish while it's evilness will stay.



Speech of Florans Scavelshin

If one desires success but prepares for failure willindeed fall into what he has prepared for.